David Edwards Lecture

Lecturer David Edwards visits Westholme School

On Wednesday 20th November David Edwards visited Westholme School.

David is a lecturer on travel, adventure and the environment and entertained both pupils and parents with his stories, ideas and insights from around the world. Firstly he inspired Year 8 & 9 with his vivid account of life in Botswana where David lived for three months, in the bush as a leader on a youth expedition. Our pupils now know how to survive close encounters with elephants and lions and what a struggle it is for survival in the harsh Kalahari environment.

David participated in an expedition to Antarctica in 2013 and shared his experiences with the A-level Geographers of this spectacular wilderness. The horrific smell of penguin guano, the ice carved landscapes and the evidence for climate change in this untouched wilderness gripped the students’ imaginations.

Our energy future is one of the most important global issues we face today and this thought provoking lecture was the topic of David’s final presentation, delivered to the Year 12 students to enhance their General Studies course. David discussed how energy is the key to economic development and that without energy, literacy rates and life expectancy fall. He discussed the need for energy security, the options and the conflicts that will arise as we try to ensure that we have access to energy.

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The climax of the day was the evening lecture ‘Montserrat-surviving the volcano’ in the Croston Theatre. David spoke to an enthralled audience of Westholme pupils and parents and A-level and GCSE Geography students from neighbouring schools. His stories of snake capture and tree frog impressions were hilarious as he explained the biodiversity sampling he was carrying out in this Caribbean paradise when the volcano erupted. David’s account of the final eruption and the impact on this idyllic island was truly memorable.

We would like to thank David for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit us.