Geology Lecture

Insights about travel & adventure

We were extremely excited to be able to invite back David Edwards to do a series of inspirational lectures during the school day and in the evening on a range of geographical topics. David is a geologist, volcano guide and environmental sustainability lecturer who shares insights from the many fascinating places he has studied and worked in.

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During the day Year 7 received a wonderful talk about animal conservation in Botswana and Year 9 discovered the scientific techniques used to provide evidence for climate change. David participated in the Geological Society’s expedition to Antarctica and the students were fascinated by his video clips of the penguin colonies. Year 10 will shortly be studying Alaska and cold environments as part of their GCSE course so their lecture focused on wilderness areas in northern Canada and Alaska.

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The theme of the evening lecture was Mount Vesuvius, one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. David explained why this volcano is considered to be so dangerous, using evidence from previous eruptions, and gave us a thorough insight into Roman life in Pompeii. It was a wonderful evening and great to see so many enthusiastic geographers sharing their passion for the subject.

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