Demonstrating Road Safety

Year 2 cycle & scooter day

Year 2 children had great fun riding their bikes and scooters as part of their ‘Healthy Me’ topic. Before setting off, the teachers checked that all the helmets fitted properly and that everyone was wrapped up. They were ready for an outdoor adventure!

IMG 1718

IMG 1734 IMG 1721 IMG 1735

First of all the children practised walking with their bikes and scooters as this is an important skill. They then rode their bikes and scooters around two cones testing their brakes and improving their balance and later on in the day the children learnt to weave in and out of cones which took a lot of concentration.

IMG 1746 IMG 1720

The teachers were very impressed by the children’s knowledge of road safety and skills. It was lots of fun to be outside with their bikes and scooters and they were not put off at all by the cold weather.

Well done to all of the children!