Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Students Awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold

DofE Awards

Congratulations to all the students in year 11 and the sixth form who have recently completed their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. They have worked hard and shown great commitment, as it takes about a year (over 100 hours) to complete each level of the Award.

Bronze Awards
To achieve the Bronze Award, participants must take part in a Physical Activity, develop a Skill and Volunteer in the community. They are required to do this for a minimum of 3 months for two of the sections and 6 months for the other.
They must also do two 2-day expeditions covering a distance of around 24km.

Zaynah Akram
Amelia Gee
Aysha Alli
Amber Gosling
Maria Alli
Sophie Hancock
Alice Hartley
Laura Backhouse
Francesca Hemmings
Imogen Barrass
Emily Heyes
Laura Barrie
Rabia Majid
Ritu Bhattacharyya
Charlotte Milnes
Freya Badburn
Ella Boys
Katie Mitchell
Sana Moosa
Imán Chaudhry
Harriet Pay
Anna Clegg
Katie Redman
Maisie Coulter
Eleanor Robinson
Tom Dixon
Zaina Roker
Georgia Eddleston
Clara Slater
Harriet Entwistle
Rumi Sutton
Catherine Galley
Jasmine Azam

Silver Awards
To achieve the Silver Award, participants are required to spend a minimum of 6 months on two of the sections and 3 months on the other.
They also have to complete two 3-day expeditions covering a distance of around 48km.

Helena Bilsborough
Katie Mitchell
Jade Fielden
Ute Schmitgen
Maddie Hopkinson
Hebe Smith

Gold Awards
To achieve the Gold Award, participants spend a year volunteering in the community, taking part in a physical activity and developing a skill. They must also complete a 5 day residential course and two 4-day expeditions of 80km.
This is an amazing achievement as only around 5000 young people in the UK complete this Award every year and most of these have usually left school before completion.
They will be invited to one of the Royal Palaces to be presented with their certificates, in the presence of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Congratulations go to:
Grace Collum
Annabel Steele