Eddie the Penguin Saves the World

Year One perform an assembly with an important message

This term, the children of Year One thrilled their parents with a Spring assembly about global warming which rounded off their  topic on recycling.    “Eddie the Penguin Saves the World” tells the story of a clever penguin who decides to travel the earth to find out why the polar ice caps are melting, and what he can do to stop it.    


He taught the people of America to save energy by turning lights off, the people of Brazil to stop cutting trees down, the people of Australia to recycle and re-use and the British people to walk to school instead of using cars.  




The children took to the stage with confidence and great singing voices. It was clear to see how much hard work they had put into rehearsing their lines, learning songs  and making sure that the audience were captivated.   They didn’t disappoint and made their teachers proud too.  Well done Year One – and thank you for sharing an important message with us.   To quote a line from one of the songs:

‘When you brush your teeth,
turn off the tap, don’t let it go,
drip, drop, slip slap, on the sink…have a little think!’