‘Egg-citing’ Experiment!

Year 2 conduct an experiment as part of their ‘Healthy Me’ topic.

An egg-citing morning was had by Year 2 today as they continued their topic, ‘Healthy Me’. The children were given an egg and had to choose different materials to wrap and protect their egg so it would not crack when dropped from a height.

IMG 02011

The experiment was linked to their studies on the importance of wearing a cycle helmet when cycling and they compared their heads to that of an egg if they didn’t wear a helmet.

IMG 7903 IMG 7914

It was a very ‘egg-citing’ moment when they dropped the eggs from a height and found out which eggs survived intact – 7 out of 11.

IMG 7898

After the experiment the children evaluated their protective egg and said what materials were the best and what they would do differently. It was a fascinating experiment that the children really enjoyed.