English Speaking Board Success

ESB distinctions and merits for Upper Sixth

Fifteen Upper Sixth students were entered for an English Speaking Board examination, which is the equivalent of an A Level.   The students had to prepare a presentation on a subject of their choice, make a literary recommendation and finally, summarise a newspaper article, leading a discussion on the main issue.   Congratulations to the thirteen students who were awarded distinctions and the two girls who were awarded merits.

Examination Results

Maaham Ahmed – Distinction

Romana Alli – Distinction

Rebecca Breakell – Distinction

Claudia Fogarty – Distinction

Abigail Gunn = Distinction

Habiba Hussain – Distinction

Alice Hutchinson – Distinction

Emma Sharples – Distinction

Charlotte Ellison – Distinction

Fiona Kinloch – Distinction

Sophie Newbury – Merit

Elizabeth Stone – Merit Plus

Sadie Thomas – Distinction

Danielle Tulloch – Distinction

Emma Watts – Distinction