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Year 10 Enterprise Day

Today, Year 10 students have taken part in the annual Enterprise Day.

James Hall Ltd have conducted research which has revealed that there is a gap in the market for attracting 20 – 44 year old females to their SPAR stores. To this end, the task for the students was to invent a non food product aimed at this age group that would entice them to the stores.

IMG 0458 IMG 0459

Each team was allocated a business representative who guided them through the process of product development.

IMG 0464

The teams had to select, price, benchmark and market the product and present their findings to a panel of judges. Some of these ideas will once again be implemented fully by James Hall. Ideas included mobile lipstick chargers, cosmetics, spa products and travel essentials.

IMG 0470

Congratulations went to team ‘Optima’ who won with their ‘pick and mix cosmetics’ idea.

IMG 0479

Thank you to Mr Sutton, Mr Holland, Mrs Davenport and the representatives from James Hall Ltd for taking the time to come and be part of the event.