EPQ Evening

Extended Project Qualification Presentation Evening

17 of our Year 13 students have been working hard all year on completing their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). This requires students to undertake independent research on a topic of their choice, putting into practice skills that will be vital to them in their futures. Students have taken ownership of their project, planned and executed it in order to produce a 5000 word essay.

IMG 9723 IMG 9766

Last night saw the final aspect of the EPQ, in which students must present their findings – and our students did not disappoint. They all spoke confidently and knowledgeably about their specialist field, impressing the Governors, teachers and parents who were present.

IMG 9738 IMG 9746

This year’s topics included:
“Is it possible to build a hoverboard using Faraday’s Law of Induction?”
“How successful is Scientology as a New Age Religion?”
“Are men and women treated differently in the criminal justice system and if so, why?”