EPR Year 10 Buddhist Day

An Insight To Meditation 

Yesterday, Year 10 EPR pupils travelled to the Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre in Ulverston. They spent time with Buddhists at the residential community and this helped to deepen their understanding of the faith which is studied in their EPR GCSE course. Zogden, a Buddhist nun, led an educational session in the temple. She gave students an insight into the Buddhist way of life by explaining mindfulness and what the journey to enlightenment is like. She also led a meditation session to give pupils the chance to experience this important Buddhist practice for themselves. It left the group feeling peaceful and gave them an opportunity to reflect on the benefits of taking time out to focus on liberating the mind of daily distractions.

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In the afternoon, pupils walked the woodland trail to the beach and enjoyed the calm, beautiful atmosphere close to the centre’s location. They also visited the art studio on site and saw the fascinating creations which were being moulded and painted in preparation for their display in a Buddhist Temple.

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