Eureka Moment for Westholme

Mr Alyas Khan, Chairman and CEO of Emica, launches Eureka Awards at Westholme

Westholme was delighted to welcome Mr Alyas Khan, Chairman and CEO of Emica to school for the launch of The Eureka Award.  This brand new initiative offers a Junior Prize for Years 9, 10 and 11 and a Senior Prize to Lower and Upper Sixth students, giving them the opportunity to win prizes worth £150.  Furthermore, Emica is awarding a Scholarship of £500 to the student with the Best GCSE Performance in Geography.

The Eureka Essay competition is entitled:

Town centres all over the UK are facing serious decline, with some centres becoming ghost towns.  This is in part due to stiff competition from supermarkets, some of whom now provide everything under one roof.  What do you think could be done to breathe life back into our town centres?

The Eureka Essay will be judged by a prestigious panel, and the winning Junior and Senior essays will be published in the New Start magazine.  

The Eureka Award judges are

Keith Hardcastle – Director of award-winning architects and environment practice, Darntonegs

Professor Jon Coaffee – Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal – the leading academic journal on regeneration.

Jamie Veitch – Director of New Start magazine – the leading community regeneration magazine.

Mrs Lillian Croston, Principal, said  “As a keen Geographer myself, I am delighted that Emica have decided to support Westholme’s thriving Geography department. The relationship underlines our local community involvement and we feel privileged to have been selected as Emica’s educational partner.”  

Mrs Caroline Buckley, Westholme’s Head of Geography said “This exciting topic of town centre regeneration supports the core curriculum but will stretch the girls as a stimulating project. It is a pertinent and topical issue which our pupils are well placed to respond to. We are also very pleased to have received from Emica the Scholarship award for the strongest GCSE performance in Geography.”