Evacuees for the Day!

Year 6 experience life as an evacuee

On Friday, Year 6 pupils were evacuated to Stockport. The children, complete with their gas mask boxes, identity labels, teddy bears and ration lunches spent the morning at the Stockport Story Museum learning about life on the Home Front. They learnt how to be good evacuees, including how to put on their gas masks, how to ‘make do and mend’ and how to salvage (the WW2 term for recycling).

IMG 4004 IMG 4020

After a ration lunch, the children walked to the air raid shelter. Within the shelter, they discovered how, during the Manchester Blitz, around 4000 people sheltered from the bombing in the tunnels below Stockport town centre. They sang rousing wartime songs to keep their spirits up and got a real taste of life in the early 1940’s.

P4300019 P4300041

Convinced that they were being taken to the Town Hall to be billeted with new families, the pupils were relieved to eventually find themselves once more on the coach heading back to school after a thoroughly enjoyable day!