Every Action Has Consequences campaign

Mr & Mrs Rogers welcomed to the Sociology Department

The Year 10 Criminology students and Sixth form Sociology and Psychology students were lucky enough to meet Mr and Mrs Rogers during their lunchtime session this week. Mr and Mrs Rogers set up the `Every Action Has Consequences Campaign` after their son, Adam was tragically killed by a single punch during a night out in 2009.

The campaign aims to make people think about the consequences of their actions, particularly whilst on a night out with friends, and the devastating effects a single mindless act can have on so many people’s lives. The students were able to ask lots of questions about the events of the night that Adam died, the court case and restorative justice. It is hoped that Mr and Mrs Rogers will come back into school at a later date to answer even more questions, as time went far too quickly. We would like to thank Mr and Mrs Rogers for giving up their time to talk to students so openly and honestly about such an emotional and sensitive issue.