An Exciting Visitor

Students gain an insight into the precious nature of our human rights

Last week the Westholme Human Rights Group Leaders invited Maggie Nicholson into school to speak to Year 9,10 and 11 students about her work at the United Nations, The Council of Europe and Amnesty International.

Maggie grew up in Longridge and her career as a trained lawyer in the field of human rights has taken her all over the world. Although now retired and living in Hurst Green, she’s still motivated to spread awareness about human rights. She told students about her international and fascinating experiences, and how she has worked to fight injustices suffered by many all around the world.


She also spoke to the group about the origins of the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ and informed them of the impact it’s had on transforming politics and law, post WWII.

In a lunchtime session she also spoke to Year 8 students about the child’s rights, and through a case study, she highlighted how these are unfortunately ignored by so many places in the world. Many Year 8 students seized the opportunity to ask Maggie questions about her important work and gained an insight into the precious nature of our human rights.