Explosive Volcanoes!

Year 9 Volcano Competition

The Geography Department would like to thank all of Year 9 for making such a huge effort with their Volcano models. For this challenging task they had to produce an educational, labelled model of a volcano inspired by a volcano of their choice that they had researched. Some of the volcanoes actually exploded!

IMG 5194

The results were as follows:

Yusuf Alli
Matthew Brabender
Thomas Perricone
Joseph Pringle
Fatima Darr
Hana Ghaffoor
Amy Kirkwood
Ella Smith
Nayha Williams
Cordelia Hill
Lexie Lord
Annabelle Warner
Isabelle Thompson

Highly Commended
Adam Barnett
Theo Cains
Harry Kershaw
Matthew Ninan
Jasmine Neild
Rosemary Pettinger
Alexandra Putman
Kirsten Hayes
Natalia Lumb
Anique Southworth
Niamh Wheeldon-Scully

In joint 3rd place: Elizabeth Whelan who produced a superb model of Stromboli and Anna Heeley for her very clever version of the Yellowstone supervolcano Caldera.
In joint 2nd place:Rebecca Burke with her wonderful model of Mount Mayon sitting on the destructive plate margin and Amy Tinniswood’s beautifully creative model of Mount Cleveland in the Aleutian Islands.
In 1st place:Eve Sulway’s truly amazing model of an underwater volcano called Kavachi in the Solomon Islands north east of Australia. This submarine volcano last erupted in 2014 and the top is currently 20 metres below sea level. Sometimes it erupts to form a new island but unless it erupts a layer of solid lava it is unable to resist wave erosion and the island was submerged again after a few months.  These amazing volcanoes are on dispay in the LRC for students to see.

Well done to all of those who took part!