Fancy Dress Fun

Beardwood Bank ‘Fancy dress Sportshall’ games

Last night saw the inaugural ‘Fancy Dress Sportshall’ event take place for the Girls’ Junior School. Teams were dressed as Reindeer, Snowmen, Baubles, Christmas Trees, Presents, Elves, Fairies, Stars and Father Christmas and played games of bench ball against each other. In between the main games, the Year 3 Fairies entertained us with a ‘show game’.

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Everyone had a great time as the Baubles took on the presents and the snowmen battled against the Elves, to name but a few of the games that were contested.

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As the fun drew to a close, parents arrived ready for the glass of mulled wine and a mince pie that was served by our superb catering staff.

IMG 5082

Presentations were awarded at the end and everyone left feeling in a fun and festive mood. Special thanks must go to Mrs Ingham for organising this wonderful event.

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