Final Presentations

Final Assembly at Senior School

We enjoyed a lovely final assembly at Senior School on Wednesday afternoon. It was an opportunity to say goodbye to staff leavers, enjoy excerpts from the summer production of Sweeney Todd and listen to the winners of the House Music Festival.

A number of presentations were also given to the students. These included 100% attendance through the whole school year, trophies for individual sports competitions and the Super Student Award.

IMG 1510 IMG 1519

Congratulations went to Nayha Williams for winning for Super Student award for this term. She was nominated by a number of members of staff for always being around to help and willingly volunteer her time. Well done, Nayha! Pupils who were nominated were: Mohammed Ahmed-Raza, Lauren Barlow, Ava Dagnall, Julia Gartold, Sidra Ghafoor, Sam Hall and Holly Pyke.

IMG 1528

Congratulations to you all!