Final Thoughts from INSPIRED Sixth Former, Caitlin Slater

Coming to the end of the second week after returning to school, there is definitely excitement around with students and staff enjoying being back after the summer break. Everyone is settling back into Westholme way of life with chatter and laughter, filling the corridors once again.

Students from Year 7, all the way to Year 13, are back with determination to get the most out of Westholme this year with co-curricular activities being back in full swing.

This week like every week at Westholme, has been filled with a variety of events, both academic and pastoral. Our whole school assembly on Tuesday was based on the week’s theme of National Coding Week. Students learnt about how technology plays an important and defining part in people’s lives and why coding is fun. Everyone was informed about the plethora of technological opportunities that are available to them, including CyberFirst courses and the BEBRAS competition. Additionally, students in Years 7,8,9 and 10 experienced the co-curricular fayre, where they could find out about all the activities on offer at Westholme. From Duke of Edinburgh and public speaking to the robotics and science clubs to music and sport.

With the busy life continuing around school, we are looking forward to being able to welcome parents back into the school grounds. Especially for the many events planned for the next academic year and the support that we have missed as students. That clap from the audience, the cheer from the side-line, and the encouragement from parents will be a much appreciated gesture as school events open again.

Having just started my final year at Westholme, it is amazing to see all the younger students making their own journey through the school. Seeing them carve their own path, working out what their strengths and interests are, it really is invaluable. Westholme brings out the best of each and every student and helps them believe in their own potential. Something I have learnt over the years since I began at Westholme, is to seize every opportunity you are given, believe that you can do something when you think you can’t, and that everything happens for a reason.

Finally, something to think about. Alan Turing, a computer scientist known for his work in WW2, once said “sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine.” So, the next time you think about turning down an opportunity, don’t! You never know what might happen.

Caitlin Slater

INSPIRED Sixth Form Y13 Student