Year 12 Field Trip

A Level students investigate the dunes at Ainsdale


On Tuesday 19th September the A Level Geographers set out on their first field trip of the year in glorious sunshine. The students investigated the succession in the vegetation at Ainsdale sand dunes.

P1020127  P1020133  P1020137

The large stretch of dunes along the Sefton coast provides a superb environment for this fieldwork and the students adeptly gathered data and quickly learnt to use the new equipment such as anemometers, infiltrometers, clinometers and quadrats! The group demonstrated superb team work skills and managed to gather a wide range of data accurately and effectively.


The sand dunes is a well protected area with several key species of national importance and the students were fortunate to receive advice from the ranger to enable them to understand the nature of the conflicts between conservation and visitor pressure from tourists. This will form the basis of their independent enquiry and count towards their A Level.