Focus on Year 5 Home Learning

Year 5 have been busy planning, researching, creating and investigating in a range of subjects in recent weeks, and the results have been amazing!


In science, the children have been studying forces, and their latest task was to make parachutes out of a range of different materials, and to investigate which parachutes had the most air resistance when dropped from an upstairs window at home. This project was welcomed with much enthusiasm and Year 5 have enjoyed watching the results of their hard work; the children’s excitement at watching the parachutes float from on high has been a delight to see.


An important part of the ICT curriculum has involved ensuring online safety for all during this period of home learning. Year 5 have worked hard to communicate the messages that they have been learning about in some excellent online safety comic strips. Well done to the children for doing such a fabulous job of these.

Art & Design

On the subject of comic strips, Year 5 have also used their art and design skills to produce eye-catching comic strips to tell the story of Daedalus and Icarus to younger children. They have also worked hard in art to draw and paint some beautiful landscapes which would fit well in any art gallery! Their love of art and their clever use of colour is plain to see in these stunning landscapes, some of which were printed in a recent newsletter.


In English, as well as reading the class novel “Journey to the River Sea” in live lessons, the children have been planning and writing articles entitled “My Glorious Garden”. They have taken some wonderful garden photographs too! It seemed a fitting way to celebrate our gardens when we have spent so much time in them over the past few months! The content and organisation of this writing has been excellent, and the children have reflected on some more rather Grand Designs of their own for how they would like their gardens to develop in the future.


As part of their study of the Mayan civilisation in history, the children were asked to research and produce a mini-project on a Mayan temple or naah. The Mayan Grand Designs have been many and varied, and they really have show-cased the children’s fabulous creative skills; in addition to some stunning poster-based work, temples and naahs have been built from cardboard, clay, mod roc, grass, leaves, twigs, to name but a few materials, and there have even been a number of Minecraft designs too. Year 5 must be congratulated on their vision and hard work in history.

Ismael received a Head Teacher’s Award for an outstanding Mayan Grand Design of Chichen Itza. Please take a look at his video which explains how he made this magnificent masterpiece.  Well done!


Following on from the Mayan Grand Design projects undertaken by the children in Year 5, they have been busy creating delicious South American food in the kitchen. Guacamole and salsa with tortillas together with traditional flatbread and lemon biscuits have proved to be popular choices. Made to make your mouth water!


Below are some postcards that the children wrote having learnt the names of places in town.  They were asked to use their French writing skills to describe where they live and find appropriate pictures to go with it.

The pupils also produced some excellent French speaking presentations where they were asked to describe a toy or pet at home.  They had been learning how to describe animals and using an online dictionary to find new adjectives and were encouraged to make longer spoken sentences using appropriate conjunctions and giving opinions.