Food for Thought!

Westholme’s Catering Manager – James Pate, has started a new initiative that will give students more control over the menu.

Next term, each year group has been allocated a day on the menu over a 3 week rota.

Mr Pate wants students to have more choice in what they are eating, as well as being directly involved and understanding the process of creating the menu.

Covid-19 has affected the menu and kitchen in many ways, and this was a great opportunity to explain the decisions that the catering team have made as a result.

Each year group, from Reception to Year 11, had representatives that had collected feedback from their year. Mr Pate then discussed nutrition, Covid-19 kitchen procedures, and which fruit and vegetables are in season.

Each year group fed back what they like and don’t like on the current rota, and decided their menu, consisting of a soup, meat main, vegetarian main, fast food main, grab ‘n’ go, sides, dessert, and fruit.

The catering team want to ensure that students and parents alike understand the menu choices, and that they are happy to make different food to ensure that every child at Westholme is happy with the options available.

We’ve had some very creative, and well-balanced menus so far!