Freedom & Hope

Year7 join a human rights event

On Friday Year 7 students were invited to join a human rights event where they created bunting flags to send to shelters for young girls in Burkina Faso. These shelters care for girls who have either escaped or been rescued from forced marriages.

Photo 6

Students learnt about how girls as young as 10 are being forced to marry men who are much older and how this creates great suffering for them, often putting their lives in danger too.

Photo 3

Over 50 flags were made by boys and girls. They wrote messages of support on them and many attempted to write in French, the dominant language spoken in Burkina Faso.

Photo 5

These flags will be sent to five shelters which Amnesty International is working with. They will serve as an uplifting, colourful decoration and will hopefully inspire the girls to focus on their freedom and the hope that there is for the future.