Full steam ahead for Engineering Club

Building steam-powered boats in Engineering Club


At the start of the Autumn term there was overwhelming interest in the Engineering Club and the number of girls had to be capped at twenty two.      The term’s target was to build a steam-powered boat inspired by simple “putt putt boats” from Mr Hiller’s childhood.      

Some designs were simple, yet very effective and some were more complex.   One group produced a twin boiler, glass fibre model.   A classic case of “using a sledge hammer to crack a nut” as the very basic designs were lighter and faster.   Forming the copper pipe boiler without any kinks was the greatest challenge, but each group was successful and enjoyed sailing the boats in paddling pools in the lab.  

Mr Hiller and Dr Watson would like to congratulate all who took part and invite them back in the New Year to face a new challenge.