Galapagos Greats

Students compete in the Biology Competition

Many students and members of staff entered the Biology competition last term. This year competitors had to name 16 animals from the Galapagos Islands which were on display in the Science block. There were anagrams also displayed which when unscrambled revealed the answers.

A special mention goes to Mrs Brown who scored a very respectable 15/16 and the team of Mrs Peers, Mrs Jordan and Mrs Clarkson who scored 14/16.

The winners are as follows:

Junior Category
There were lots of very good entries from Year 9 with 4 perfect entries from:

Megan Collins (9W)
Alice Nickson (9L)
Hope Carr-Oddie, Maddie Hopkinson, Rumi Sutton (9L)

IMG 6752
Senior Category
This was a very close competition between many A Level Biologists but only one perfect entry from Emma Dean

Well done to the winners, we look forward to next year’s exciting competition.