Give it Up

Global Human Rights Day

Yesterday, in recognition of Global Human Rights Day, Sixth Form Amnesty International Human Rights Group Leaders and Miss Collins took part in a campaign called ‘Give it Up!’. This involved them giving up one of their human rights for the day and demonstrating this to the school community, via symbols and signs, which showed how their behaviour was restricted by the absence of a specific right.

Leaders took part in a sponsored silence, refrained from expressing their opinion, gave up their mobile phones and even became a slave for the day.


Global Human Rights Day on the 10th December commemorates the day on which the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The actions of the Westholme group in the ‘Give it Up!’ event sought to highlight that when a human’s rights are abused, this is unfair because it robs that individual of their dignity and freedom.

Over £150 was raised for Amnesty International on the day as students were sponsored and other Westholmers kindly donated when leaders went around with collection buckets.