Green Pagodas Project

Year 11 EPR students recreate the work of the Green Pagodas Project

Year 11 students have been learning about the importance of protecting the environment in their EPR lessons. Always looking for exciting ways to bring a topic to life, Miss Collins took students into the school’s woodland walk to recreate the work of the Green Pagodas Project. This Buddhist environmental charity based in Cambodia, works with communities to teach them about the importance of protecting local woodland areas.

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Their unique approach takes the form of tree ordination ceremonies where they will bless trees in order to highlight the sacred nature of this part of the environment. Those in the community who attend the ceremony are then inspired to treat trees in the same way that they would treat an ordained human being; with respect and compassion. Year 11 students created their own chants which included Buddhist concepts and ordained trees in the school grounds by wrapping coloured cloth around the tree to represent the coloured robes which monks and nuns wear in Buddhism.

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Some chants were rapped whilst others were adapted to popular tunes. This was a learning experience they won’t forget.