Handstands for Testicular Cancer

Students campaign to raise awareness

Phoebe Waddicor is a Year 11 student who, due to a family member becoming ill with Testicular cancer, decided to help raise awareness of this terrible disease. Her brother in law Sam has been diagnosed with testicular cancer, and sadly it has spread to his abdomen and lung. He’s currently undergoing four rounds of chemo and trying to stay positive. One thing that’s helping him is seeing everyone’s support through their handstands. Sam loves gymnastics and does crazy handstands all over the place. Seeing everyone doing handstands is making him smile whilst going through his chemo and helping to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

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So Phoebe came up with the idea of asking as many volunteers as possible to join her in the school sports hall to do handstands all together. Some pupils found it easier than others and those that could helped those who couldn’t. There was a real camaraderie and everyone had such fun.

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We can all try to do a handstand and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #handstand4sam, and it will help spread awareness of the disease and most importantly make Sam smile. Here’s a video of the Westholme attempt, which we hope will also make Sam smile!

You can also find out more on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/handstand4sam