Happy Birthday Superskills

A Special Milestone

As Superskills opened its doors on its tenth anniversary, we welcomed this week’s group. The children have taken part in a variety of spring themed activities in addition to a range of sporting activities including badminton, tennis, cricket, dodgeball, benchball and swimming.

   IMG 6100

A particular highlight was the Sheep Dog herding event, whereby one person was blindfolded and another had to direct them through the obstacle course.

 IMG 6091

A special mention must go to two of our longest serving ‘Superskillers’, Isobel Fraser and Charlotte Naylor, both of whom first came to Superskills eight years ago.

IMG 6140 

As you can see from the pictures, everyone has enjoyed a fabulous week; thanks to Mr & Mrs Sutcliffe and Mr & Mrs Milnes for their hard work in making the Easter Superskills Club one to remember!

IMG 6126

We look forward to seeing Isobel, Charlotte and many other children during the Superskills weeks in the summer holidays.