Harry receives offer from Oxford to study Maths

Our INSPIRED Sixth Form student, Harry Smith, has received an offer from Hertford College, Oxford University, to study mathematics.

Harry’s fascination with mathematics started at an early age when he read a book titled ”Murderous Maths”. This questionably named children’s book ignited a fascination for all aspects of mathematics, before he even reached his teenage years.

Very soon after joining Westholme, his teachers recognised his exceptional talents and ensured that he was suitably challenged. He took GCSE mathematics, history and Level 3 Certificate in further mathematics in Year 10 and his results, grade 9 in all three, came as no surprise. He completed his A Level computer science in Year 11 in a single year, and his mathematics A Level in Year 12, achieving grade A* in both.

His truly exceptional abilities in mathematics have been demonstrated by his recurring success in the UKMT Challenges, achieving Gold, Best in School and qualifying for either the Kangaroo or the Olympiad every year since the age of eleven.

Harry encompasses everything that is Westholme. He is a fabulous role model and an incredibly valued member of our community. Harry is our Subject Captain for maths and assists in a variety of activities, such as mentoring students and assisting at maths clinics and maths enrichment club. He enjoys setting students mathematical problems and discussing ways to solve them. He is also an accomplished musician, playing the clarinet to Grade 4 and has performed in several theatre productions.

What we are probably most proud of, is Harry’s passion and determination to succeed. It should not be underestimated how much time he has spent preparing for his Oxford entrance exam and interviews. Harry has a bright future ahead of him and we will keep you updated on his progress!