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Mrs D Hughes

d hughes


I would like to wish the class of Year 8 a thoroughly enjoyable and enriching academic year. This year has been a challenging one so far and undoubtedly will continue to be so for many months. I was really impressed with your resilience and enthusiasm during the period of Home Learning. You are an incredibly talented group of young people and really valuable members of our school community. School life will seem a little different in many ways but please be reassured that we all aim to allow you to have the best possible experience; as well as keeping you safe we want you to flourish. Our school is a wonderful environment within which every individual is encouraged to develop their potential and to explore new interests. I urge you all to embrace every available positive opportunity.

I have a really committed and experienced pastoral team who are going to be working with me throughout this year. If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to approach them and together we will make sure that you are supported every step of the way. Our lives have been altered rather significantly during this year and it is vital that you are able to access advice and help if needed.

I am really keen to look at different ways for you to have fun as a Year group and I hope to be able to organise some bonding activities for you all this year. In addition I would like us to work together to support a charity this term. Let’s make this year a really memorable and joyous time together.

As a note to parents if you have any queries or concerns I can be best reached via email hughesd@westholmeschoool.com alternatively contact me via the main switchboard.

Mrs Hughes

Head of Year 8

Teacher of Mathematics