Hindu Shrines Competition

Hindu Shrines competition winners announced

Year 8 EPR students showed wonderful creativity in the Hindu Shrines competition, and concentrated their efforts into making shrines which captivated all five senses.   There was an amazing array of colourful creations on display and everyone should be congratulated on their fantastic effort.

Highly commended certificates were awarded to the following pupils:

Darcy Jones, Megan Collins, Lydia Chatterton, Katie Mitchell, Rumi Sutton, Kate Davies, Elyse Nelson, Claudia Rayner, Olivia Pickford, Eloise Mackay, Hannah Moodie, Ute Schmitgen, Cerys Stone, Isobel Jackson, Lauren Bradshaw, Ramsha Hussain, Charlotte Berry, Hope Carr-Oddie, Tilly Rawlinson, Alexa McTiffin and Eleanor Goodall.

Third place

Chloe Pritchard


Layaan Patel

First place for the best Hindu Shrine

Abigail Barnett