Hoghton Tower Visit

Year 8 students visit Hoghton Tower

A good story well told is still perhaps the most wonderful kind of entertainment. Indeed, it could be argued that even in our age of digital wizardry on demand, there is nothing better than a brilliant tale about what it was like to live in the ‘olden days’. It was certainly a joy to see our group of Year 8 students, all wide- eyed, totally engrossed and fully engaged in listening to some fabulous stories about King James I’s visit to Hoghton Tower in August 1617.

DSC00020 DSC00013

The unforgettable mental image of the King charging around the great Tudor house on horseback demanding to see Lancashire witches before sitting down to Knight his ‘Sir Loin’ beef dinner just might have sparked off an historical curiosity in their creative young minds.

Year 8 classes have been studying 17th Century history in their lessons in school and this educational visit to Hoghton Tower has enriched and enhanced their historical understanding.

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A mere fifteen minute coach ride from Westholme to go back some 400 years into the past- not a bad history lesson for a rainy day in March!