Hoghton Tower

History Trip to Hoghton Tower

Year 8 historians embarked on a journey to Hoghton Tower to find out about life in Stuart times. The students found out about King James I visit to Hoghton Tower in 1617 and were told about the famous knighting of the lion of beef. The guides told lots of interesting stories about other famous visitors such as William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens but the girls were most fascinated by the tales of ghosts such as the ”˜White Lady of Lancashire’.  

Hoghton Tower is a most beautiful house and it is steeped in history and mystery too. Why was the actual tower destroyed in the Seventeenth Century, where are the missing priest hiding holes and did the Pendle Witches really visit Hoghton on their way to Lancaster castle? The girls were left with more questions than answers – what a brilliant history lesson!