Hothersall Lodge

Year 7 Geography field trip to Hothersall Lodge

Last week the Year 7 Geographers were out enjoying the spring sunshine and fresh air at Hothersall Lodge field study centre.

P1060617 P1060796

The pupils have been learning O.S. map skills this year and had the opportunity to put these into practise by successfully orienteering their way around the woodland and meadows.

P1060621 P1060918

They worked effectively in teams to solve various problems and negotiated a tricky low ropes course to develop their agility and communication skills.

P1060678 P1060657

The pond dippers found the small lake to be teaming with life and the students were keen to identify the freshwater invertebrates caught in their nets.

The Hothersall Lodge staff were extremely impressed with the students and said ‘they were the best groups that had ever visited’. High praise indeed!