House Plays

A morning of wonderful entertainment!

 The highlight anticipated House Plays took place this morning and marked the start of the last day of term at Senior School.

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Longridge took to the stage first and performed their version of Take Me Out which saw Year 6 students battle it out for a coveted place at Westholme. Bowland were next with Dr Who; this play was fun and included participation from many members of staff – always a crowd-pleaser amongst the watching audience.

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After the morning break and some presentations, Calder then performed This Morning – a funny selection of performances from ITV’s well known daytime shows including Jeremy Kyle (featuring our very own Miss Collins!) and an excerpt from Loose Women. Once again, the performance was extremely amusing and had the audience laughing out loud.

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The final performance of the morning was from Pendle. I’m a Westholmian, Get Me Out of Here saw students take part in a series of challenges to become the overall House winners.

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Soon enough, the Plays ended and it was up to the returning students from last year’s Sixth Form to judge who the winners were. Congratulations went to Longridge for their extremely funny play, Take Me Out.

Well done to everyone who took part – the House Plays really capture the team spirit of Westholme. Long may they continue!