Independent Education Matters

Year 12 Economics students investigate the impact of Independent Education to the UK Economy

Year 12 Economics students were fascinated to investigate the impact of Independent Education to the UK Economy.

Most astonishing to them was the discovery that almost half a million young people are currently educated in Independent schools like Westholme and that if they didn’t exist the government would need to build and extra 460 schools per year to provide enough places for them – impossible surely, in times of such austerity?

IMG 8795
The students had also previously underestimated the types and quantity of employment that Independent schools provide; from catering and cleaning to administration and secretarial – would these jobs exist if there was no Independent education system?

It would appear that unemployment would certainly rise in some areas, such as Giggleswick, where independent schools provide the main source of local employment!

The macroeconomic impact that independent schools have on the supply chain also caused much discussion – had they never really considered where all the food at school, the text books, stationery supplies and equipment actually come from?

‘So why then so independent schools often get such a bad press?’ they asked. A very good question…