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Adverse Weather

It is the School’s aim that all sites will remain open but in the event of adverse weather conditions, for example, closure may become necessary. In this case, it is important that the emergency procedures are clearly understood by all pupils, parents and staff.

• In the event of heavy overnight snow, the website will be updated by 7.00am.
• During any periods of extreme weather, the website will be continually updated.
• Parents may also be contacted by text message and /or email. It is therefore particularly important that parents and guardians keep school informed of any contact detail changes.

Heavy overnight snow conditions in the area around school

Should school be inaccessible in the morning, we will ensure that the website includes instructions for that day.

Heavy overnight snow conditions in outlying districts

Pupils travel from many different directions and whilst those from one area may be snowed in, those from another area may have no difficulty reaching school. In such cases parents must use their own discretion about whether or not to send their child to school.

Daytime snow conditions affecting the area around school

Should pupils need to leave school early because of worsening conditions information will be given to parents by telephone/text message or email.

The school coaches cannot leave earlier than 3.55pm. This is because children cannot be left early at bus stops as there will be no-one to collect them. It would be impossible to contact several hundred parents in time to rearrange collection times.

Wherever possible we will try to get children away on the coaches by 3.55pm but if the coaches are unable to reach the school by 4.15pm all children will be assembled at the Infant School, Billinge House on Preston New Road which is the most accessible site for vehicles.

Emergency rations, heat and light and supervision will be available to all pupils for as long as it is necessary at the end of the school day.

Daytime snow conditions affecting outlying districts

Should parents experience snow in their home district they should travel to school early in the day, report to the office and ask for their child to be released. All pupils must sign out if they leave school this way.

It would be preferable for parents simply to arrive at school to collect their children without telephoning first so that school lines are not jammed by incoming calls. They must report to the school office so that a record can be kept of each child’s whereabouts. Any parents requesting permission to take home another child must have obtained parental permission in advance. They must leave a message with the school office that they have taken a child other than their own home with them.

Sixth Form drivers

Students who drive to school should consult the Head of Sixth Form and sign out if they leave school early.

The welfare, Health and Safety of our pupils, staff and families is of the utmost priority and will always underpin any decisions taken.