What makes our Sixth Form INSPIRED?

Welcome to Westholme’s INSPIRED Sixth Form

Outstanding preparation for the 21st century workplace

A message from the Principal

A very warm welcome to our INSPIRED Sixth Form experience. For a hundred years, our vibrant community of student leaders at Westholme have enjoyed the opportunity to exceed their potential. Today, our INSPIRED approach is rooted in the acquisition of essential 21st century skills vital for the rapidly evolving modern workplace.

Our young adults enjoy the independence to choose from a plethora of opportunities inside and outside the classroom. They experience our incomparable 1:1 support and guidance during every step of their Sixth Form journey. The A Level provision we offer is personalised, inspirational and more akin to university seminars. The relationship between each individual student and teacher is exceptionally strong; this dynamic rapport ensures every student is understood, valued and motivated to reach their exciting aspirations.

We know you will be INSPIRED every day and very much look forward to welcoming you to our Westholme Sixth Form experience very soon.

Dr Richard Robson – Principal

What makes our Sixth Form experience INSPIRED?


A Message from the Head of Sixth Form

I am delighted to welcome you and know you will find the multitude of opportunities, personalised support and unique benefits we provide an INSPIRED read. It is our great honour to be part of your A Level journey, guiding you every step of the way and ensuring you leave with everything you need to succeed in whichever path you choose to follow. At INSPIRED Westholme Sixth Form, it is not just the exceptional academic support, but everything else that we offer in addition that will ensure you are afforded the support, freedom and opportunities to fully express yourself.

Our unique facilities provide a perfect atmosphere to study, where academic rigour and fun go hand-in-hand. Here, you will be valued, known and respected in an environment that is tailored to ensure your success and development both academically and personally.

I hope you enjoy reading about what is waiting for you within our exceptional Sixth Form and look forward to answering your questions about taking the next steps within our INSPIRED Sixth Form family.

Mr Jonathan Oracz – Head of Sixth Form

Be INSPIREevery day

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Social Life at Westholme Sixth Form

Our students continually tell us that lifelong friendships are formed through the close community at Westholme; Year 12 and Year 13 students all mingle as one large social group. All students thoroughly enjoy the social aspects of being a young adult at Westholme and the freedom to follow personal interests and pursuits.

There is something for every student to make the most out of every day. Students enjoy our social facilities, activities, trips, visits, competitions, student-run shop, student news channel, charity events and much more. Our Sixth Form students develop lifelong memories and become part of our alumni family network.

Once a Westholmian, always a Westholmian!

INSPIRElife at Westholme is never dull!


The INSPIRED Sixth Form experience encompasses everything from study methods, revision processes and essay techniques, to managing examination workload and stress. A customised programme is created for each student based on extensive knowledge of their potential and a fruitful relationship between each student and teacher is at the heart of our academic success.

We purposely keep our teaching groups small so we can emulate a university-style, intimate seminar model. Our incredible teachers are not just experts in their subjects; they consistently deliver over and above to support every individual student, year on year, to become the very best they can be.

Our INSPIRED Sixth Form is tailored for each individual student

Westholme Sixth Form offers the following A Levels:

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Be INSPIREevery day

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Starting Sixth Form

Sixth Form is a time when you’ve finally left behind the subjects you disliked at GCSE and you’re now able to concentrate on subjects that genuinely interest you. What’s more, you’re working towards studying your favourite subject at university. Although A levels are harder work than GCSEs, you’ll find that you really enjoy Sixth Form and the new challenges it brings. When it comes to A level study, you don’t just have to rely on textbooks to get you through your course material. Try to utilise as many different resources as you can, as this will give you different ways of looking at the syllabus that will help you absorb information more easily.


A levels are very different from GCSEs, they are a step up academically but should also be an exciting time in your education as you have chosen what to study. Organisation and effective time management are vital and at Westholme you will have a lot of support to help you get this right. Stay on top of homework, use study periods wisely and don’t be afraid to ask questions of your teachers if there’s something you don’t quite understand. The start of Sixth Form is the ideal time to get into some good study habits, as these will help you get the best possible A level grades, as well as standing you in good stead for university.


Your first year of A levels is when you start thinking seriously about applying to university. You may already have an idea of what you want to study, but now is the time to firm up your decision and start thinking about where you might want to study this course. With your university application in mind, your first year of A levels is a good time to start building up some more relevant experience and knowledge to talk about in your personal statement. Reading widely around your chosen subject is a must, but there are additional things you can be doing to showcase a diverse set of skills such as taking an additional qualification, volunteer work or taking on leadership roles.

Fun, laughter and social experiences are a big part of our INSPIRED Sixth Form experience at Westholme

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Every step of our INSPIRED Sixth Form journey prepares you to take on the world as a confident, accomplished and well-rounded young adult