INSPIRED Sixth Formers Honing Their Entrepreneurial Flair at Westies

The Westholme Enterprises scheme has been up and running since 2015 to allow members of the INSPIRED Sixth Form to develop their business skills and hone their entrepreneurial flair by creating their own business.

Westholme’s very own on site shop, Westies, was officially opened in 2016. Each year, new Sixth Form students gain the opportunity to take over Westies and manage it with their own new ideas and implement their own business strategy. The products they provide to their fellow students range from stationery to food and drink and other school accessories.

It is up to the students to manage and update their stock levels, come up with pricing strategies, learn about balance sheets and operate the tills. The shop is open at various times throughout the week for students at the senior school to enjoy. Located inside the foyer of the Croston Theatre, students are regularly seen queuing outside either waiting to buy snacks or some Westholme branded materials.

It is a great way for our Sixth Form students to gain practical business experience whilst at school, and will help them both with their understanding of their studies – preparing them for their future careers upon leaving school. The students are also responsible for looking after the Westies Instagram account and website, which allows students to view what stock is available to them online.

To follow what this year’s INSPIRED Sixth Formers are up to, follow @westies_shop to find out more or visit the INSPIRED Sixth Form website.