JAC Team’s Charity Evening

Friday night fun, and all for charity!

This year’s JAC Team Charity evening was held on Friday 23rd November, and was a wonderful event!   Year 7 pupils got into the spirit of the evening by dressing up recycled materials and joining in fun games and dancing.  


The Year 10 JAC Team showed superb commitment and organisational skills and superbly created beautiful stalls.   A team of staff helped the evening go with a swing, including Mrs Hodson with a decorated shoe box activity, Mrs Hall who created a Fair Trade food decorating extravaganza, Fiona Cruice who taught sign language and Mr and Mrs Pollitt who introduced us to the world of Guide Dog Training.   Mr Bisset was the photographer for the evening, Dr Watson judged the impressive costume competition, Miss Collins led us in wonderfully fun games.   And behind the scenes, Mrs Allan looked after security and Mrs Blackburn was the evening’s treasurer.   Thanks also go to Dr Riley, Mrs Saunders, Mr Wignall and Mr Scott   for all their help and support.   Well done the JAC Team on a fantastic evening!