Jessie to the Rescue!

Brave Jessie Charlson rescues elderly neighbours.


Brave Jessie Charlson, Year 11 pupil at Westholme, sprang into action on Tuesday evening when she went to collect the dogs from her elderly neighbours to take them on their daily walk.  When she arrived to see black smoke coming out of the house, she ran in to take out both residents without a thought for her own safety.  The elderly man had attempted to extinguish the fire in the kitchen but had become disorientated and his wife Margaret, was unable to help as she was upstairs in bed with bronchitis.  

Jessie calmly got both of them safely out of the house before calling for the fire brigade and ambulance. Both are now recovering well and the dogs are likewise safe!  Jessie said “It only hit me what could have happened when I got home.  I broke down and cried.”

Mrs Croston was stunned by her bravery and commented, “The ability to keep calm under pressure is a wonderful attribute. We are all so proud of Jessie’s selfless actions.”