Jodrell Bank Trip

Year 5 enjoy a fascinating day

Year 5 enjoyed an exciting trip to Jodrell Bank on Friday, where they had the most jam-packed day.

Arriving off the coach, they first noticed the enormous Lovell Telescope, which is the third biggest in the world. They looked around the Planet Pavilion discovering lots of interesting facts and in the gift shop, some of the children bought some weird and wonderful souvenirs to take home!


In the planetarium, the group went forward in time and became amazed by the constellations in our galaxy. They also found out that you are able to see Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter from Earth!


Everyone had lots of fun exploring the interactive exhibits themselves in a variety of experiments including how to identify rocks and what happens to the brightness of light as you move further away from it.


After a long, exhilarating day they arrived back to school – brains brimming with information; ready to rocket launch into their space topic in science!