Jubilee Fun!

Jubilee celebrations at the Junior Schools

Jubilee fever hit the Junior Schools today, as they celebrated in royal style, all wearing red, white and blue.

At the Boys’ Junior School, the fun began with every single pupil making a union jack flag, given to them by Mrs Daley.   She had worked out specifically what colours needed to go on each sheet, and once they were all completed, they were stuck together to form a giant union jack.   And doesn’t it look wonderful? Well done to all the boys, staff and to Mrs Daley.

The fun didn’t stop there, after a jubilee themed game, superbly organised by Mr Haworth, the boys took part in a special jubilee quiz arranged by Mr Harrison. They certainly brushed up on their royal trivia! Wonderful cakes and biscuits brought in by Mrs Butler were also enjoyed, before a street party lunch in the dining hall.

Click here to watch the “60 Second Diamond Jubilee Competition” entry video.

The celebrations also took place at the Girls’ Junior School – Year 2 had been designing a royal handbag for the Queen, and were going to be having fun deciding what the Queen would have in her own handbag.

Masks of the royal family and union jack flags adorned the Year 4 classroom and Year 5 girls looked amazing in jubilee regalia.   Finally, Year 6 enjoyed a quiz of their own, by answering 100 questions – they even got the chance to phone a friend (otherwise known as the teachers!).

They too enjoyed a street party lunch, attended by members of the Royal ”˜Staff’ Family.

What an enjoyable day – tomorrow the fun moves onto the Infant and Senior Schools.

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