Judges’ Lodgings Trip

Year One enjoy a Victorian Christmas experience

Year One travelled to Lancaster to enjoy a traditional Victorian Christmas experience at Judges’ Lodgings.

                        IMG 2700

They were treated to parlour games with the Governess, helping Mrs Bridges the cook to make the Christmas puddings, a lesson in the school room with the teacher making cornucopias and the visit was topped off by a very special encounter with Father Christmas. He told the children all about the items which Victorian children would have received in their Christmas stockings; an apple for good health, an orange for something special, salt for good luck, a piece of coal for warmth and a coin for wealth.

IMG 2716 IMG 2872

The visit finished with Christmas songs around the tree before Father Christmas waved them goodbye.

IMG 2755

Year One are full of Christmas spirit and ready to enjoy the festivities over the next couple of weeks.