Junior and Infant School Eco Committee Lunch

Recently, the school have started the journey to become an international Green Flag Award

The programme is designed to raise environmental awareness among young people and is run by the environmental charity keep Britain Tidy.

To raise awareness of the scheme, the Junior and Infant Eco Committee had their first ‘working lunch’ on Monday, attended by both their Headteacher, Mrs Barnett, and a member of our Board of Governors, Mr O’Neill.

Having carried out their initial environmental audit of the school; they decided in this meeting to focus on three key areas in order to work to their Bronze Flag. These are the areas of Energy, Waste and water.

The meeting was spent thinking of ideas that we could implement as a school to reduce our environmental footprint in these areas.

Whilst the meeting took place, the children were enjoying their lunch and learning more about how they can protect the environment.

Overall, the meeting was a success and we look forward to hearing what the next steps for the school will be.