Junior Girls AJIS Swimming Competition

Y5 and Y6 girls returned from Liverpool with four medals

A team of Year 5 and 6 pupils from Beardwood Bank travelled to the AJIS swimming competition in Liverpool on 29th January with a mixture of nerves and excitement. The standard of competition in AJIS events is always very high and so the girls knew they would have to try their hardest in every event.

The individuals and teams all swam very well and those who didn’t make it to the final heats were very close. By the end of the afternoon the girls had won two gold medals and two bronze medals. Congratulations to all of the swimmers!

The swimmers and medal winners were:

Year 5 swimmers

Back Crawl – Charlotte Berry
Breaststroke – Olivia Pickford
Butterfly – Baylie Thompson
Freestyle – Lucy Fielden
Freestyle Relay – Olivia Pickford, Charlotte Berry, Peta Isherwood, Baylie Thompson
Medley Relay: Charlotte Berry,Olivia Pickford, Baylie Thompson, Lucy Fielden

Year 6 swimmers

Back Crawl – Eleanor Brooks (GOLD MEDAL)
Breaststroke – May Daley
Butterfly – Lilly Brunnschweiler
Freestyle – Rebecca Souter
Individual Medley – Lisa Yates (BRONZE MEDAL)
Freestyle Relay (BRONZE MEDAL) – Eleanor Brooks, Rebecca Souter, May Daley, Lisa Yates
Medley Relay (GOLD MEDAL) – Lisa Yates, May Daley, Eleanor Brooks, Rebecca Souter