Katherine Gostick – Published author and Westholme alumna

Katherine Gostick – Alumna 1985.

We are delighted to hear that former Westholme student, Katherine Gostick, née Croasdale, has recently published two books: ‘Finding a Place to Park my Melon: Memoir of a Trailing Spouse’ and ‘The Spy who Saved Christmas’.

Her first book, ‘Finding a Place to Park my Melon’, is a light hearted look at her time trying to navigate different cultures. The metaphor that runs through the book compares different nationalities to different types of fruit, and the book uses this analogy to discuss how it is essential to build a support network of people with different strengths.

Katherine’s second book, ‘The Spy who Saved Christmas’ is a children’s book that tells the story of a dyslexic elf who singlehandedly saves Christmas when all the other elves become sick.

Katherine, who is dyslexic herself, contacted Westholme to share her incredible news and to reach out to former English teacher, Mrs Asher, who taught Katherine during her time at Westholme in the mid-1980s. Katherine puts her love of writing down to her time at Westholme where she said:

“Mrs Asher always looked at what I wrote, not how I wrote it, she appreciated the content of my work and valued me for it rather than only looking at my spelling. She also helped me to correct the work, but this was secondary to its content. This allowed me to gain the confidence to write which can be eroded in dyslexic pupils.”

Both books are available from Amazon here:

Finding a Place to Park my Melon: Memoir of a Trailing Spouse (Memoirs of a Wanderer)

The Spy who Saved Christmas: How a dyslexic elf saved the day.

Congratulations Katherine!