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Beam Challenge Awards 

Last week, the children attending Sokudo class at the Junior School were given the opportunity to complete the Beam Challenge. This is where you have to hang upside down from the beam, like a sloth and manoeuvre yourself into a sitting position onto the top of the beam. The challenge has been running with Organised Chaos, our Sokudo teachers, for ten years and only 88 people have completed it.

Congratulations went to Henry Gibson, who completed the challenge, becoming the 89th student to do so. Henry will receive a certificate to recognise this amazing achievement!


Well done, Henry!

In addition to this Organised Chaos also took the challenge to the Sokudo class on Friday at Infant School. We were delighted to learn, that after a lot of attempts and hard work, Charlotte Wood also completed the challenge and is the 93rd person to complete it. Congratulations, Charlotte!

IMG 4712