Marvellous Musical Evening

Girls’ Junior School perform at their Musical Evening

The Girls’ Junior School put on a spectacular evening of high quality entertainment for a packed theatre of parents, supporters and friends.   The night got off with a swing as our youngest Junior School pupils confidently appeared on the stage and got us into the zeitgeist with a lovely rendition of ”˜London 2012′.  


Harp, brass, violin, cello, string and recorder groups were all pitch-perfect and showed musical poise beyond their years.   The first half of the evening came to a wonderful climax with the whole orchestra performing a trio of Beatles’ classics under the guidance of Mr Millest.   It was upbeat and precisely delivered – the perfect end to the perfect first half!


Immediately after the interval, the whole cast of Joseph excitedly took their place on the stage.   The show, from the very outset, was characterised by colour and energy.   The multiple sons in their multi-coloured leggings and tailored baseball caps were the ideal foil to the pure white Joseph.   The contrast with the coat was perfect.   Hand made by Mrs Stott, the coat was in itself a work of art and ideally represented the favouritism and envy at the heart of the tale.  


The girls interpreted the story extremely well and brought the audience along with them through the media of song, dance, comedy, timing and action.   Pom-poms flashed across the stage, dreams were brought to life and an enthusiastic choir backed up some truly excellent soloists.   A number of the main roles were shared, allowing more of the girls to take part and they all supported each other with good spirit.  


It was clear that an enormous amount of hard work had been put in by the girls themselves and the staff team behind them.   The result was a polished and engaging performance – and one that belied the tender age of the stars!


Go, go, go Joseph!