Maths Day

The children at the Nursery and Billinge House enjoy a day filled with all things MATHS!

The children at the Nursery and Billinge House enjoyed a day of Maths yesterday.It all began with a special assembly led by Mrs Dixon in which the children were asked mathematical questions linked with the story, ”˜The Real Princess’, a mathematical tale, based on ”˜The Princess and the Pea’.


The children then went back to their classrooms and embarked upon a carousel of activities based around stories shared with their class teachers. Firstly, the Nursery children had learnt all about the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and they enjoyed threading and counting fruits followed by an obstacle course made of tyres and stepping stones.



Pre School and Reception studied the story ”˜The Night Pirates’ and designed houses from shapes to help disguise the pirate ship.   Once completed, they tested their creations by floating them on water. They also used and followed directional language around an obstacle course. Some children were blindfolded and relied on partners to help them navigate the course.

After reading a clue, they also had to weigh various money bags, to see what bag of treasure belonged to which pirate. Finally, they enjoyed some problem solving by thinking about ‘How many ways to dress the pirate’.


The Year 1 story was ‘Jim and the Beanstalk. Here the children used skills such as orienteering and measuring. They had to navigate through a path whilst blindfolded and listen to careful instructions from their partner to find their way through.   The children also used various items, such as dog biscuits, bread sticks and gingerbread men to measure the length of different objects both inside and out.


Year 2 children read ”˜The Jolly Postman’.   They began by weighing, measuring and wrapping parcels of all different shapes and sizes. They also took part in some group problem solving activities which were based on other fairy tale characters.

Throughout the day, many children also took part in a mathematical treasure hunt where they had to follow clues and solve a mathematical calculation at the end.

Everyone had a wonderful day of learning all about Maths.   Thank you to Mrs Dixon and all the staff  for making it possible!

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